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Your Company Online: Public and Private Applications

The Internet has come a long way since the day of the slow dial up modem and Netscape. We are now in an era which gives programmers a vast selection of programming options due to the speed and even more importantly, the Cloud. The Cloud is what you would call the Internet only the Cloud becomes "Your Internet." You may have the majority of your programs and applications on the Cloud while some of your applications like Bookkeeping and personal information is kept on your server or computer in your office.

The advantage is that you save money by having the company that owns the Cloud computers pay for

So you can see here that

You can find a programmer like us who will give you the applications you need to run your business and at the same time we can save you money by Custom Programming to your needs instead of you going out and buying expensive software that does the same thing our software will do yet, the expensive software is hard for you to run and it can only be loaded on your personal computer or on your company's expensive Server.

Now you can see what Programming does for you and how it:

Trade Southwest has many arms on the Internet

Here are some of our standardized Frameworks and Programs =|= Click on the icon for each application to learn more.

cg_invoice - invoicing application

Ξ Ten-Grid Two - HTML Framework

Φ Bite Size CMS - Content Management System for website data entry.

ƒ FormFive - Simple yet elegant data entry form framework adaptable to any smaller task.

cg_contacts - Menu driven contact/address book for web based application.

cg_profiles - A universal profile manager for musicians or adaptable to almost any profession.