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Currently Closed to Public Services. Contracting is Limited to Businesses.

Currently Closed to Public Services. Contracting is Limited to Our Current Business Contracts only.

Have you ever had the feeling that your PC is doing something you didn't ask it to do? Like installing a new toolbar in your Internet browser, suddenly showing many more pop up ads than it  used to or does your PC simply seem to operate slower than when you first bought it? then there is a very good chance that you PC has become infected with spyware. Spyware are small programs that are designed to spy on you and relay it's findings to someone else through the Internet. Some spyware may be harmless but still slows down your computer. We can fix all these bugs to make you and your computer HAPPY! - We fix Laser PRINTERS too!


Our Vision of Technology and Service

We are here to bring the services of affordable computer repair and economical website design to the Pinal County and central Arizona community. We see no reason why you should have to pay high prices for services that are becoming readily available and costing less every day. Welcoming low prices now.

Map and directions to shop here - Two locations in Central Arizona!!

For Metro Phoenix Call (520) 424-4184

Most work can be completed within a day or two unless parts need to be ordered. Parts ordered will typically require a deposit on the cost to ensure the part can be ordered at a market competitive price. Most parts come out of California, Arizona (pickup in Phoenix) or the East Coast where the vendors are reliable and quality is assured.

On-site rates start at $85.00 first hour,
$50.00 second hour and up.
Contract Pricing Available.

Remove a virus/malware - 1 hour, Could be more if Windows will not open programs

Optimize Windows to run and start up faster
- 1 to 2 hours

Replace a system board - 3 hours plus price of board, typical laptop board $85.00 to $185.00

Repair a loose power jack on laptop (power fluctuates or battery wont charge - $100.00

Power Adapters for laptops $35.00 to $85.00

Nationwide On-Site Computer Support, Repair & ServiceNationwide On-Site Computer Support, Repair & ServiceView My Profile

Joel Dench is also available for all desktop computer repair services. Visit JD Computers, for more -

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