Sunland Computers... Phoenix, AZ

Central Arizona, Computer and Printer Repair

We also Design Websites!

We provide computer and printer repair for commercial accounts in central Arizona. Affordable and reliable services are what you receive. We have the most economical and consistently reliable hosting services. We also build websites and business software applications.

Most work can be completed within a day or two unless parts need to be ordered. Parts ordered will typically require a deposit on the cost to ensure the part can be ordered at a market competitive price. Most parts come out of California, Arizona (pickup in Phoenix) or the East Coast where the vendors are reliable and quality is assured.

Rates start at $45.00 an hour,
in shop rate - $55.00 on-site rate.

Call (520) 424-4184 For Service

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Remove a virus/malware - 1 hour, Could be more if Windows will not open programs

Optimize Windows to run and start up faster
- 1 to 2 hours

Replace a system board - 3 hours plus price of board, typical laptop board $85.00 to $185.00

Repair a loose power jack on laptop (power fluctuates or battery wont charge - $100.00

Power Adapters for laptops $35.00 to $85.00

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